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How is this possible?

Are you Santa Clause?

Are you Santa Clause?

No, we aren’t the big guy with the white beard, but we are pretty close!

Jungle LAUNCH has partnered with a wide variety of Amazon sellers that are looking to improve their product’s visibility by asking reviewers (that’s you!) to submit an honest review for their product, in exchange for their product for FREE or at a highly discounted price.

Why do seller’s offer their products?

  • Additional Reviews for their Products
  • Honest Feedback from a Valued Community
  • Improved Ranking in Amazon Listings

What kind of products?

Our partners offer our community a wide range of products for FREE or for huge discounts (typically 80-95% off).

All they ask is that our community offer honest feedback. We feel that is fair, and if you do too, please join us!

What do I have to do?

  • Enjoy FREE and Highly Discounted Products
  • Join the Jungle LAUNCH Community
  • Provide Honest Feedback to our Partners

Review all kinds of products!

Monthly Contests

Monthly Contests

COMING SOON: Jungle LAUNCH holds monthly contests within our community. Community members that are actively participating in our program are eligible to win monthly prizes and more FREE swag!

What makes me eligible?

  • Be a part of the Jungle LAUNCH Community
  • Provide Feedback to a Partner during the Month

What are you waiting for?

Join our community to get FREE and highly discounted products!